We need two types

 Communities : Developer & User

For PhoneLabs to succeed, we need two different types of activities and a co-creative relationship between them.

Developer Community made of Teachers, Students, Developers User Community made of Teachers and Students as well as other interested people

We also realise that unless we develop an active and vibrant user community co-creation is unlikely to take off. Hence we would like to develop these initiatives in parallel also because we don’t have to wait for the development of our apps to start it. There are many free apps that we need to figure out how best to use apps for STEM education. We consider the developer community “Fire Starters” and the User Community as those who carry the flame and spread the fire.

Apps : Release & Development Apps

We have decided against presenting to kids apps that look and feel inferior to apps and games that they are used to. We will invest significant development resources and efforts to bring up the popular apps to commercial standards. We also realize that making our apps games quality will increase the complexity of the code make it difficult for starters to decipher. Hence we have decided on a two tier development. One in processing where co-creation happens, where the code is simple and easily shared and modified and based the poplar of the apps and request from teachers in our community we will upgrade them into “release apps” that will be featured in our app store.

For developmental and co-creation purposes we will use the open processing community – where it is easy to display share, modify and rate apps. We have created a classroom there called PhoneLabs . You can upload, share and modify apps in this portal.