Tracker Help

How does Live Tracker work ?

Tracker uses background elimination to track a moving lit object. It tracks by brightness ( you can adjust the threshold by + orĀ  – ) and determines the center of the brightest area. It plots the velocity in blue and the acceleration in red.


Set up your web cam and ensure that there is no brightly lit light falling on the object and that there are no moving objects or people in the field of view. You may also want to place a ruler or an item of known dimensions (in mm) in the field of you if you wish to scale the data.

STEP 1 Take a still image. Switch off the tracking light and if the kit involves moment move it when you press record. This will create an average image that is used for background elimination.

STEP 2 Switch on the tracking light and observe the tracking area (in white). If the white area covered the lit area proceed by pressing the record button. If it does not cover the light please use the + or – button to increase or decrease the cutoff threshold.

STEP 3 To scale the data press scale and pull the points on top of the scale object that you have included. By pressing on the dimension you can enter in mm the dimension of the scale object.

STEP 4 Press save. The data will be saved as a postions.cvs file in the program directory