The most technically challenging project

Sitting in the review of Samuel Dring’s Internship presentation, I was happy to hear the evaluators comment “this is the most technically challenging internships project so far”,  and it was. I am sure  they had concerns at the onset if Sam was going to be able to accomplish what he had set out to do – live tracking on a phone, in addition to a PC version that would track any lit object.

The challenge


Image processing has been around for years and there are 1000’s of phd students around the world pushing its limits. Many of them use openCV, on open source image processing community that sets the bench mark in this area.

The most popular approach to track objects is to track them based on color and movement. Often from pre-recorded images,  as the required processing makes it difficult to make it work live. There are programs such as Tracker that works fairly well on video – but requires a lot of setting-up.

Live Tracking

Is entirely another game, requiring special cameras and processors –  this is if you need to shoot down a missile in motion – or if you need to teach kids see Velocity and Acceleration on things that move. And this is what Sam manged to do,  using the very limited processing power of the phone.

The PC version is out already,  in our site. We cant wait to release the phone version.