So we thought we were ready ?

At 7.00 am I managed to improve Tom’s app to draw line indicating the X,Y,Z accelerometer readings.I had promised to do a PhoneLab demo at the Technology Section of the Royal Adelaide Show – starting at 8:30 am today. The app worked. I was delighted. Check out

The hair brain scheme was this. To mount a tablet on a bicycle wheel so that I can demo circulation and the pendulum motion in one rig that I already had.So I rushed to the fair. And set up the bicycle upside down with the tablet secured firmly by Velcro.

DemoDo you see the bicycle ? It is not there. So Mohammed is now left when the front wheel.

What happens ?

The horizontal circular motion made the tablet think that the user has decided to hold it upside down, so being clever inverted the display making a real mess our my scheme.

So we put it down. Worked beautifully. Centrifugal acceleration can now be seen.

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