Planning our first meet up : Wed 2 July : : 2- 4 pm @ ASMS

This will be our inaugural meeting @ ASMS. We hope to invite based on interest and participation a limited number of teachers from SA who have shown interest in PhoneLabs.

What we hope to achieve ?

The founding members of any web based initiative play an important role in shaping its future. We look forward to discussing with participating teachers ways in which we can develop PhoneLabs.

But, before this event, we hope to have :

  1. A few seed apps (now under development)
  2. A few concept suggestions (from teachers and students)
  3. A few teacher developed apps based on their concept chose or based on 2
  4. Initial test results ( to see how we can evaluate the effectiveness of building better conceptual understanding gained by students using the apps)

For all practical purposes we are now launched and we are looking forward for suggestions for (1) & (2)

In our first meet up will be discussing how we can train more teachers in Processing, and how our members can seek out more concepts for development as apps.

For teachers public schools in SA wishing to participate there will be some relief funding available through teach SA (one per school). Additional participation (more than one teacher) will need to be sponsored by schools.

For details please contact Genlys