PhoneLabs got legs

Big challenges in introducing PhoneLabs are the Guardians – those who define the “the way we do things here”. To sneak past them, we have designed our kit to fit nicely into lab stands so that they appear to be lab equipment . We made all the holes 8 mm in diameter so that they fit onto test tube holder stands. But then, they look a bit gawky and they shake quite a bit. Lab stands were  not designed to swing heavy objects on.  One solution  is to clamp the base to the table, the other is to wall mount it, but then the Guardians may  take a year to go through an approval process.


Swinging a phone vertically is most certainly unsafe and not something we recommend. It is best to rotate the phones horizontally, against a dark background, preferably on a carpeted surface (in-case the phones drop off) . We tried using standard lab equipment. But then the whole thing looked like a break dance contraption.

To make things work, the  PhoneLabs kit doesn’t look serious. It looks more like a toy. We are never sure if PhoneLabs needs to fit in our fit out. But we know for sure that they need to make physics fun, engaging and enjoyable.

So we have decide to block it. Put our kit on heavy blocks.

We can swing the kit now, vertically or horizontally on wooden blocks. They can be made more stable by adding a horizontal block. We have painted them black to facilitate tracking. They work nicely now.