Lab Equipment

We are now toying around with ideas for lab equipment. Not in terms of design them from scratch but in terms of “modding” existing old world equipment lying around in most labs. Lab stands fit that bill.

So here is our first attempt to build a pendulum and a circular motion machine with both using the same components.













We  decided to use 8 mm rods as they are used in the horizontal claw holder of Lab stands. We inserted ball bearings to reduce friction. We tried to use the same design for the pendulum and circular motion.

A few design issues :

  • Warpage – we tried to design a holder that could hold all sizes of phones, which was difficult to achieve.
  • The rod bends in the circular motion machine as it acts as a cantilever holding the phone.
  • It falls down – the circular motion machine is totally out of balance.
  • The 6 mm hole for the set screw (tightening on the rod)  cracked up due to the thin shell.

The holder with the bearings worked nicely and we were able to run the circular motion machine by clamping it to the table using a G clamp.Perhaps a multi-phone holder is daft idea ?