Internships / Work Placement

PhoneLabs provides internships and work placement opportunities for motivated graduates and undergraduates who value start-up experience with rich learning opportunities. Previous interns have made outstanding contributions in developing our web pass and 3D printed kits. Our apps and 3D printed kits are being used by schools and universities globally.

About PhoneLabs

PhoneLabs has been chosen as the start-up of the year for SA by the Australian Information Industry Association in recognition of the cutting edge nature of our venture and its potential to transform education globally. We are also working with Google to inspire the next generation of scientists and makers.

Engineering  /  Industrial Design

If you are completing, or have recently completed, a diploma or degree in Industrial Design or Engineering you may find value in participating on one of the following projects.

  1. Recreating existing physics and engineering experiments to PhoneLab experiments
  2. Creating a experimental challenge using 3D printed kits
  3. Training students/teachers and lectures in PhoneLabs
  4. Create physics and engineering challenges and documenting them.

In each of these projects you will have the opportunity to develop your R&D skills and also develop one of your own projects. You will also be expected to work on multiple projects.

Computer Science / Programming

Most of our apps are web apps written in Java Script. Our development work is done in Processing. We have the following projects

  1. Develop mobile apps based on our  current web apps (Java Script)
  2. Image Processing (Processing)

Journalism / Social Media / Documentary

PhoneLabs is developing a significant presence in facebook where we are enjoying some early success in making STEM education meaningful and engaging. Our facebook videos have logged thousands of views. We plan to create a series of inspiring videos and documentaries. This opportunity is for those who are interested in how social media can be used to introduce game-changing approaches to a global audience.