Distributable Acessories

Code is not. But phones are real things and we need to set these things to do really cool things – cheaply, efficiently and globally. What better way than to 3D print them and of course distribute them in this site. So here are our first prints.

3D Prints

Few issues though.

  • Accuracy in hole sizes remains the problem. We had to drill through to make them even.
  • Thin Shells makes it difficult for inserting screws as they cut through the thin shell
  • Its Hollow and cracks up easy – we cannot control the infill as the printers fits the hollows int eh way it things best
  • Cleaning – difficult to do within sections that are hard to reach
  • Warpage – there was a lot of it, but with practice we can reduce it

Oh well. We will have to figure out how to do it well.