PhoneLabs Competition


Why participate ?

We believe that Phones are the Labs of the future. We guess that you know that too 🙂

What we expect

Interesting ways to use Phones to teach any STEM subject or concept from year 1 to 2nd year of University Subject.

How does it work ?

Please send us just a paragraph describing your concept using the 'I have an idea' button above. We will then  send you a one-page template that you can use to submit your plan.

What happens if you win ?

You get a 3D printed trial kit with which you can accomplish a few standard Physics Experiments. We get to share your great submission in our web page and social media.trial kit





What happens if you don't win ?

We will work with you to improve or modify your proposal and with your permission share it in our web page.

What are we looking for ?

Interesting ways in which you can use sensor technology in phones to teach STEM concepts. The apps should not do the teaching. The activity that you propose should support learning. A like apps that connect kdis to key concepts through interaction with the phone.

What Apps can I use ?

Any Phone app or web apps that are free to use.