Co-Creating Quality out of Quantity


The beginnings of a social creation is the hardest and most challenging part as it relies heavily on the good and dedicated efforts of enthusiasts who are yet to master the skills required to produce quality. But that does not stop them. None of us are app creators but that should not stop us.

But there is a participatory way in which social creation happens. A lot of junk is created first.


Take a look at OpenProcessing you will see what I mean. Most of what is floated is of kiddish quality and a lot of them do not work.

But then take a quick look at the “all time favorites” . Presto !

Social creation is about quality emerging out of quantity through the dedicated efforts of amateur creators who learn as they create and share what they create. Quality emerges out of their collective learning and judgement. I am happy to let the PhoneLab community know that such a process led by Maja Williams has commenced at the ASMS.

You will soon see some student submissions in our PhoneLab community. We hope to see similar initiatives in our partner schools.