Just Shipped our first Starter Kit to Matt Richards in New Zealand. As always, it was a learning experience. It was under 1 Kg, but we had to use a 90 mm tube. Back to the drawing board, there will be a big advantage if we can fit it into a 60 mm tube –[…]


Kids love PhoneLabs

We were happy to participate in the Adelaide Mini Maker Fair. The maker community here in Adelaide is now coming together to share and support the act of making. The event was held at Tonsley the re-furnished Mitsubishi car plant – signaling the end of the manufacturing era in South Australia and perhaps, the birth[…]

Live Tracker Installation Issues

Windows Installation : Identifying Java Version If you are not sure of your Java version – try either(32 or 64) one. The program will then guide you. If you wish, you can find your Java version by typing in command line : java -d64 -version If it gives an error message try typing  java -d32[…]

Ah….. that noise

Accelerometers are notoriously noisy, as most sensors are, and this inevitably will generate inaccuracies. PhoneLabs is about tool building and we need to figure out how best to deal with noise. There are many ways to do it. Lets get some data I swung my phone around for about 7 seconds and this is what was[…]