Starter-Kit is now ready

After many iterations  we have now finalized the key components of LabenoSet. We like to call it a Starter-Kit as it allows schools to quickly test out PhoneLabs at a relatively low cost. Using this kit with lab stands and clamps you can now run a series of classical mechanics experiments.   Circular Motion Simple[…]


Physics Wall

Finally w have manged to mount our 3D printed labeno set on the lab wall. The advantages are many, as the lab equipment can be permanently installed, taking very little space eliminating setting up time. Students can now focus on their experiments with what we call a 3D printed stater kit made of a phone[…]



MySTEMkits is a great 3D printing initiative now on KickStarter – worthy of support. Except for Phones the rest is very similar to our LabenoSet that we launched. I like the way they use pencils. We used rulers and lab stands because all labs have them and they do not suffer from the deficiencies of 3D printing.[…]