Active Learning

We are happy to share what we learnt from our first Active Learning workshop held at Australian Science and Mathematics School with twelve year11and 12 special interest maths and physics students (self-rating their maths capability at 4/5).  The workshop was about engaging students with real-time data acquired using our Live Tracker program, tracking a pullback[…]


Hands On Phones On

Glenys Thomson Deputy Principal ASMS   At the ASMS, our first week of lessons each semester is called Immersion and provides a taster of what we will be doing during that semester. In maths today, we used PhoneLabs as the tool for gathering data so that we can investigate the relationship between tilt and gravity[…]

Adelaide High

PhoneLabs is ready to roll

We have manged to get most of the classical mechanics experiments working. We are able to demonstrate simple harmonic motion using pendulum, beam and spring. We are able to demonstrate momentum using incline plane with toy cars carrying a lit ping pong ball. We are able to demonstrate circular motion using a bicycle wheel. Most[…]