Catch-It Web App is Launched

This is our first Web App that captures acceleration data on smartphones and tablets. Give it a try . Yes, it runs off your web page.Please use your native browser(not Firefox, chrome or others) on Androids and Safari on Ipad and ITouch. web




This app logs your acceleration data. It displays it as arrows(default mode), as text or as a graph. We have built in a filter function under settings. Once you record the data, you can email it.

We are not sure how best to make the app work on all phones as they come in different sizesĀ and the browsers display it differently. What it detects is displayed in settings. We plan to make it work on the most popular device types. If it does not display properly please send us a screen shot of the default page along with the details in the settings page so that we can add it.

Tested on

  • Ipad
  • Itouch
  • Iphone4 (not displaying properley)
  • Samsung S2
  • Acer Iconia 700
  • Acer Iconia A1-810

Looking forward to your feedback on this.