What is cooking ?

While the teaching of processing is underway to skill-up as many interested students as possible, we are working on a very special app. Actually it is not an app.


Catch-it is a web page that works like an app. It can :

  1. Run on any device that can display a HTML5 web page (Most smart Phones, Tablets, iPhone, iTouch, iPad)
  2. Log accelerations (calculate velocity and distance by simple integration)
  3. Display Data as arrows, numbers or graph
  4. Record & email data (to any email address)
  5. Filter noise from sensors
  6. Alter sampling rate (by averaging)

With this app we hope that a good number of physics experiments can be PhoneLabed. It was initially developed by Tom Anderson and is being improved by Jason Haylock.

The core code is written in processing Рso that students have access to it and can alter it. We use a j-query to access accelerometer data and PhP to send out the emails. Most of it is working now and almost ready for release.