The Phone Wins

Last Friday afternoon after the students had left for the day,  I found Dr.Neil Davis known to all at ASMS as Le Doc toying with a microscope in the staff room.  As I had recently ordered  a few phone attachments I thought it would be good to try out the $1 phone attachment with a 60x magnification that arrived by post.


Doc was trying to photograph  a bud with the $3000~$4000 microscope with a digital camera attachment. It took a lot of adjustment and still had  very shallow focal range causing some level of dissatisfaction. Here is what Doc captured with his phone + $1 attachment.


Le Doc  liked the immediacy of the capture, the ease with which he could move the phone microscope around and the ease with which it was saved or  sent by email. We have a convert. Le Doc is buying more microscopes for the ASMS for $1 apiece.


3 thoughts on “The Phone Wins

  • This is brilliant Doc! Thank you for including the web adress of where they can be purchased.

    As some primary schools donot allow phone use in class, they could use old phones and remove sim card after downloading software to use as microscopes. This would be a great application for old phones that people are throwing away. Recycling. Or do you have to have internet connections for the microscope to work?

  • Those little microscopes are brilliant – they also have a little LED attached for illuminating what you are looking at. I bought 20 of them for about $20 online and gave them away to people, especially younger ones whose curiosity about the world needed a bit of waking up.

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