June 10, 2015

Work with us

PhoneLabs  is growing fast and we have begun collaborating with educators, schools, edTech app developers and device manufacturers.

If you are based in South Australia :

  1. If you wish to get your school started on Phones-on, Hands-on Active Learning : click here
  2. If you like to become a PhoneLabs Pro (trainer) : click here

We are working with many others outside South Australia and would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in working with us. Please leave a comment for us and we will contact you soon.

Thanks for your iinterest


2 thoughts on “Work with us

  • Hello,
    I am a Physics professor in Argentina, working with smartphones and other CIT as tools for learning science. Also share your approach fot leaning and teaching science. Congratulation, great initiative.

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